Detailed Information

Creature Calls is a mobile veterinary service based in Hobart, offering house calls to pet owners in the surrounding regions of The Channel and The Huon Valley. Founded by Cathy, a dedicated veterinarian with a passion for nurturing the human-animal bond, Creature Calls focuses on providing quick, safe, and effective vaccination services to pets. With a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of life for older animals, Cathy and her team offer expert advice on supplements and medications tailored to each animal’s specific needs.

Specializing in addressing anxiety in pets and ensuring peaceful end-of-life care, Creature Calls is committed to supporting both the well-being of animals and the environment. Operating from an electric car to reduce their carbon footprint, the team at Creature Calls prioritizes sustainable practices. Alongside Cathy, the experienced and compassionate vet nurse, Lauren, plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality veterinary care to furry companions in the comfort of their own homes.

Whether you seek routine check-ups, advice on pet supplements, or compassionate end-of-life support, Creature Calls offers a wide range of mobile and house call veterinary services. By prioritizing evidence-based medicine and fostering a caring environment for pets and their owners, Cathy and her team strive to uphold the values of compassion, expertise, and environmental responsibility in every interaction.