Detailed Information

Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training is a dedicated and compassionate dog training service that focuses on helping dog owners overcome behavioral challenges and build a strong bond with their furry companions. With a personalized approach, the business offers in-home training sessions to address specific struggles and issues faced by each dog and their owner. By using gentle techniques and engaging games, Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training aims to achieve positive results while ensuring a fun and rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner.

Group training classes provided by Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training offer a supportive and cost-effective environment for dog owners to learn essential skills and techniques in a community setting. The Puppy School program is designed to help young dogs practice safe socialization and develop good habits for life. Through a combination of play-based learning and positive reinforcement, dog owners are taught how to have fun with their dogs while simultaneously teaching them valuable skills such as sitting, staying, retrieving, and coming when called.

With a focus on building a trusting relationship between dogs and their owners, Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training also offers practical strategies to manage behavior struggles effectively. From preventing jumping on visitors to teaching dogs to walk on a loose lead and stay calm in various situations, the business aims to equip dog owners with the necessary tools to foster a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with their canine companions. By emphasizing cooperative care and positive reinforcement, Crazy Kind Calm Dog Training helps dogs live well with humans and encourages responsible pet ownership.