Detailed Information

Welcome to Cranage Miniature Horses, where a lifelong passion for horses has led to the breeding of miniature equines that embody the qualities of larger breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Warmbloods. With a focus on temperament, correct conformation, type, beauty, grace, presence, and movement, each miniature horse at Cranage is carefully bred to reflect the best traits of its larger counterparts. The founder’s dedication to preserving and enhancing these qualities has culminated in a unique and exceptional equine breed.

Drawing inspiration from the intelligence of Thoroughbreds, the presence of Arabians, the trainability of Quarter Horses, and the athleticism of Warmbloods, Cranage Miniature Horses strives to produce miniature horses that excel in various aspects. The business name, Cranage, was chosen as a nod to the founder’s family roots in a village in England, adding a touch of nostalgia and heritage to the breeding operation. With a vision of creating miniature horses that not only resemble but also embody the essence of their larger counterparts, Cranage Miniature Horses is dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality and excellence.

  • Temperament
  • Correct conformation
  • Type
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Presence
  • Movement