Detailed Information

Craig A. Murray Dog Training is a long-standing family business with over 30 years of experience in the dog training industry. Specializing in both pet dog training and specialist working dog training services, the business has a rich history of teaching students from around the world in various aspects of dog training, welfare, grooming, and veterinary practices. With a dedicated team of professional dog trainers and whisperers, the business proudly serves Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and beyond, aiming to enhance the bond between owners and their dogs through high-quality services built on love and respect.

  • Professional Dog Trainers and Whisperers for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Beyond
  • Experienced in detection dog programs and working teams for government departments
  • Specialize in pet dog training, working dog training, and various other areas of expertise

Founded by Craig and Tracey, the business has a deep understanding of canine behavior and offers customized training plans tailored to each dog’s specific needs and behavioral outcomes. With a focus on empowering owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish rewarding relationships with their furry companions, Craig A. Murray Dog Training is committed to providing expert services that extend to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and surrounding areas. The business also operates a charity, Empower Assistance Dogs, which offers service dog training and therapy dog services to bring emotional support to those in need across various community settings.