Detailed Information

Cotonrun is a reputable Australian business dedicated to introducing and breeding the rare Coton de Tulear dog breed. Established by Phryne and Pierre Joly, Cotonrun has been instrumental in officially recognizing the breed by the Australian Kennel Club in December 2015. With a focus on ethical breeding practices and maintaining the integrity of the Australian Coton de Tulear lineage, Cotonrun has imported award-winning dogs from famous proven lines to ensure the production of healthy and high-quality puppies for loving families.

Since its inception, Cotonrun has expanded its family of Cotons through carefully planned breeding programs and partnerships with various canine organizations such as the Ethical Breeders Association, Perfect Pets, and the Toy Dog Club Of Queensland. The business runs the Puppy Culture program in its nursery, emphasizing socialization and developmental soundness in its puppies. Cotonrun’s dedication to the betterment of the breed is evident in its commitment to breed standards set by the Australian National Kennel Club, regardless of the purpose for which the dogs are bred.

Collaborating with professionals in various fields such as veterinary care, confirmation showing, obedience training, and pet therapy, Cotonrun strives to showcase the versatility and charm of the Coton de Tulear breed. The business has successfully placed puppies in homes across Australia and internationally, fostering a community of loving families who have embraced the joy of owning a Coton. Through its efforts, Cotonrun not only aims to grow the breed in Australia but also to preserve the old lines of the Coton de Tulear with the help of dedicated breeders and enthusiasts.