Detailed Information

Cosy Paws Vet Care is a Melbourne-based mobile veterinary service that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of pets by offering a wide range of in-home veterinary services. Founded in early 2022 by Dr. Noriel Williams, the practice aims to provide gold standard care in the convenience of clients’ homes. With a team of experienced and trusted mobile vets, Cosy Paws Vet Care is dedicated to reducing anxiety for both pets and owners by conducting thorough examinations in a familiar environment.

Specializing in services such as home vet wellness checks, microchipping, vaccinations, and peaceful home euthanasia, Cosy Paws Vet Care ensures that pets receive the care they need without the stress of visiting a clinic. The practice also offers consultations for puppies and kittens, skin and lump checks, as well as pathology and diagnostics. Dr. Williams, the founder and director, is committed to revolutionizing the veterinary industry by providing a comprehensive range of services through a mobile business model, making quality care accessible to all pet owners.

With a focus on enhancing the work-life balance for veterinarians and reducing the strain of busy clinic environments, Cosy Paws Vet Care embodies the motto “more cuddles, less struggles.” By offering online booking and a full pharmacy stocked with pharmaceuticals and preventatives, the practice ensures convenience and efficiency for clients. Whether it’s a routine check-up or specialized treatment, Cosy Paws Vet Care is dedicated to delivering compassionate and professional veterinary care to pets across Melbourne.