Detailed Information

Corowa Veterinary Clinic is a locally family-owned and operated animal hospital located at 41 Edward Street in Corowa, NSW, Australia. Led by veterinarian Dr. Hannah Williams and her husband Michael Hamilton, our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services for both small and large animals. We take pride in delivering top-notch care and service to our valued clientele.

Our team of experienced veterinary health professionals at Corowa Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing personalized care for each animal that comes through our doors. Whether your pet requires in-clinic treatment or on-farm services, we are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your beloved animals. We believe in treating each animal as an individual with unique needs, and we work closely with pet owners to develop tailored treatment plans for the best possible outcomes.

Conveniently situated in town, just a short walk from the main street, Corowa Veterinary Clinic is known for its small and cohesive team that prioritizes the welfare of animals above all else. With a focus on high-quality care and client education, we strive to create a comfortable and informative environment for pet owners. Whether you visit us at the clinic or require emergency assistance after hours, our dedicated team is here to support you and your furry companions.