Detailed Information

At Corney Linda Veterinary Surgeon, located at Alcorn St Vet Clinic in Bowral, our dedicated team led by senior veterinarians Dr. Michael Callaghan and Dr. Linda Corney prioritizes the health, comfort, and well-being of the pets in our care. With a focus on preventive care, general checkups, and advanced diagnostic services using cutting-edge imaging equipment, we aim to detect and address health issues early to ensure the longevity and happiness of your beloved pets.

In addition to our comprehensive healthcare services, we offer training sessions to help new puppies become well-behaved family members. Our specialized services cater to greyhounds, supporting their health and performance on the track while keeping them in optimal condition. Dr. Michael Callaghan, with his extensive experience and qualifications, has been managing the practice since 2003, fostering a supportive environment for both our staff and the local pet community.

Dr. Linda Corney, a passionate advocate for greyhound health, joined forces with Dr. Callaghan in 2004 to further enhance the services offered at Alcorn St Vet Clinic. With a background in veterinary practice at reputable establishments, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clinic. If you’re looking for a caring and professional veterinary team in Bowral, contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the exceptional care we provide for your furry companions.