Detailed Information

Cool Canines is a professional dog training business founded in 2020, dedicated to providing comprehensive programs that focus on both the human and canine aspects of training. Led by Kate Oates, a passionate dog trainer with expertise in behavior struggles, Cool Canines offers expert coaching and guidance to help pet owners overcome challenges and build harmonious relationships with their furry companions.

At Cool Canines, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of canine behavior and psychology, informed by ongoing professional development through courses, webinars, and conferences. As a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA), we uphold high standards of practice to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our training methods. We prioritize kindness, approachability, and humane principles in all our interactions with dogs and their owners.

With a commitment to continuous learning and a focus on empowering pet owners to become their dogs’ best trainers, Cool Canines offers a safe and supportive environment for education and growth. Kate Oates’s personal journey with her dog, Vader, has equipped her with invaluable experience in transforming challenging situations into moments of joy and fulfillment. By fostering understanding, empathy, and positive reinforcement, Cool Canines strives to create a more peaceful and less stressful life for both dogs and their human companions.