Detailed Information

Complete Dog is an Illawarra-based team of dedicated professionals, led by the experienced and NDTF accredited trainer, Jake. Servicing both the Illawarra region and Sydney, Complete Dog offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at fostering a harmonious relationship between dog owners and their beloved pets. With a focus on home visit consultations, online coaching, webinars, group classes, and occasional puppy schools, Jake and his team are committed to addressing behavioral issues at their root to create a positive and lasting impact.

  • NDTF Accredited Trainer
  • Schutzhund Australia Certified Helper
  • WGSDCA Certified Helper
  • ANKC Registered Breeder

At Complete Dog, our mission is to empower dog owners with the knowledge and skills needed to build a strong bond with their canine companions. By providing expert guidance and support, Jake and his team strive to help clients create a happy, calm, and confident environment for their dogs to thrive. Whether through personalized home visits or engaging group classes, Complete Dog is dedicated to enhancing the lives of both dogs and their owners through effective training and positive reinforcement techniques.