Detailed Information

Coastal Country Dog Training, led by the experienced Cheryl Reilly, offers a unique approach to dog training with over 30 years of expertise in corrective dog behavior and management. Cheryl, a former RAAF police dog trainer, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to help you and your furry companion build a happy and lasting relationship. With a focus on instant results and empowering dog owners with the necessary skills, Coastal Country Dog Training specializes in resolving a wide range of behavioral issues, from leash pulling to aggression towards other animals.

Cheryl’s background growing up on a farm and her extensive experience training various types of dogs, including family pets, farm dogs, and security dogs, sets Coastal Country Dog Training apart. Her approach combines motivational training with correctional methods, ensuring dogs not only learn commands but also understand the importance of compliance even in distracting environments. Unlike outdated training methods like “Beg and Bribe” or “Yank and Crank,” Cheryl’s balanced approach emphasizes establishing a strong pack structure and fostering a positive bond between dogs and their owners.

Whether you’re dealing with common behavioral issues or seeking to enhance your dog’s obedience and control, Coastal Country Dog Training provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Join Cheryl and her team for group training sessions or individualized programs to unlock your dog’s full potential and enjoy a harmonious relationship built on trust and understanding.