Detailed Information

Cloud Nine Cat Resort is a luxury boutique cattery located on the city edge just off Chapel St in Prahran, Melbourne CBD. Our mission is to provide a home away from home for your beloved feline companions. Our spacious “cat suites” are designed to minimize stress by recreating a homely environment, complete with comfortable beds or lounge chairs, scratching posts, and ramps.

Our resort offers 5 double suites and 27 single suites, each tailored to cater to the individual needs of your cat. For shorter stays, we have “shorty” rooms available. Upon check-in, our friendly staff will consult with you to ensure we meet your cat’s specific requirements and provide personalized care throughout their stay. We understand the separation anxiety that can arise when leaving your pet, and our team is dedicated to making their time with us as comfortable as possible.

At Cloud Nine Cat Resort, quality and space are paramount. We prioritize creating a stress-free environment for your cat, with daily personal interaction, a designated playroom for entertainment, and a team of staff who genuinely enjoy spending time with our feline guests. With on-site parking for convenient drop-off and pick-up, we encourage booking early for all holiday periods to secure your cat’s spot in our exclusive luxury cattery.