Detailed Information

Clear Oaks Labradors is a reputable and registered breeder located in Rollands Plains, NSW, specializing in breeding high-quality Labrador Retrievers. With the Breeder Prefix of CLEAROAKS and Breeder No. 2100092494, Clear Oaks Labradors is dedicated to producing Labradors with exceptional pedigrees, temperament, and structure. One of their star Labradors, ‘Angus,’ boasts a beautiful international champion pedigree, reflecting the breeder’s commitment to excellence in breeding.

At Clear Oaks Labradors, health and genetic clearances are a top priority. ‘Angus’ has been cleared for PRA, EIC, and HPNK, ensuring that he is free from these hereditary conditions. Additionally, his hips and elbows will be scanned at 12 months to further confirm his health status. With a coat color of black and carrying the chocolate gene, ‘Angus’ exemplifies the breed standards that Clear Oaks Labradors upholds in their breeding program.

With a focus on producing healthy, well-tempered, and structurally sound Labradors, Clear Oaks Labradors is a trusted choice for those seeking a new furry companion. Their dedication to breeding excellence and commitment to genetic health clearances set them apart as a reputable Labrador Retriever breeder in the Rollands Plains, NSW area.