Detailed Information

Clarence Valley Animal Pound is dedicated to reuniting or re-homing all suitable, healthy animals that come into their facilities. With shelters located in South Grafton and Townsend, they provide a safe haven for lost or abandoned pets. All cats and dogs sold through the animal shelter are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and lifetime registered, ensuring the well-being of the animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Operating under the Clarence Valley Council since 2004, the Animal Pound is part of a larger mission to provide essential services and manage public assets across the region. Beyond their core responsibilities of roads, rates, and rubbish, the council envisions creating a community full of opportunities and a high quality of life for its residents. They are committed to honoring the Traditional Owners of the land and respecting the cultural heritage of the First Nations peoples.

Clarence Valley Animal Pound and the Clarence Valley Council work hand in hand to serve the community and promote animal welfare and community well-being. By offering services to reunite lost pets with their owners and finding loving homes for animals in need, they contribute to creating a more compassionate and inclusive society.