Detailed Information

The City of Wanneroo Animal Care Centre is a dedicated facility aimed at reuniting lost pets with their owners and providing a safe haven for animals in need of adoption. Located at the City of Wanneroo Ashby Operations Centre on Wanneroo Road, Ashby, the Centre serves as a vital resource for the community in caring for and finding homes for impounded animals.

With a focus on responsible pet ownership, the Animal Care Centre works closely with Rangers to ensure that lost pets are properly cared for and, if unclaimed, re-homed in suitable environments. The Centre operates as a cashless facility, offering convenience and efficiency for those looking to collect or adopt animals. Owners searching for their missing pets can contact the Centre during office hours or utilize the after-hours service to inquire about impounded animals.

In addition to its core services, the City of Wanneroo Animal Care Centre collaborates with organizations like the Cat Haven to ensure that all animals, especially cats, receive the necessary care and attention. By acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land and respecting their cultural heritage, the Centre demonstrates a commitment to community values and inclusivity in its operations.