Detailed Information

The City of Stirling Animal Care Facility (ACF) serves as a temporary shelter for lost and stray animals within the City of Stirling. In addition to providing a safe haven for these animals, the ACF offers an adoption service for unclaimed dogs. If a registered and microchipped dog is found within the city, the rangers will bring it to the facility, where efforts are made to reunite the dog with its owner. Dogs unclaimed after 7 days may become available for adoption.

Stray and roaming dogs can pose a threat to the community, wildlife, and other pets. If a stray dog is found, individuals are encouraged to contact the City’s Contact Centre for assistance. Owners looking to reclaim their dogs must contact the Animal Care Facility during opening hours and adhere to the necessary fees and procedures. The ACF also offers adoption services for community members interested in providing a forever home to a dog in need.

For those interested in adopting a cat, the City of Stirling provides resources and contacts for assistance. The facility does not collect cats trapped on private property but aims to reunite lost cats with their owners. The City acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and emphasizes respect for the Elders of the Nyoongar Nation. Through its animal care services, the City of Stirling demonstrates a commitment to animal welfare and community safety.