Detailed Information

The City of Gold Coast – Coombabah City Pound is a dedicated facility that provides essential services to support residents in reuniting with their lost pets following severe weather events. With a focus on animal welfare, the pound operates a lost and found service to help locate and return pets to their owners. Found animals are housed in holding pens at various locations, ensuring their safety and well-being until they can be reunited with their families.

Residents can report found animals to the City of Gold Coast – Coombabah City Pound during business hours, with options available for after-hours emergencies. The pound also assists in contacting the owners of registered dogs, facilitating the swift return of pets to their homes. Additionally, the facility collaborates with other animal welfare organizations to ensure the proper care and management of animals within their care.

For residents seeking assistance with lost pets or reporting animal welfare concerns, the City of Gold Coast – Coombabah City Pound offers multiple contact options, including phone and online channels. By maintaining up-to-date registration details and microchip information, pet owners can enhance the chances of a successful reunion with their beloved animals. The pound’s commitment to animal welfare and community support underscores its role as a vital resource for residents in need.