Detailed Information

The City of Fremantle Dog Pound, located at 35 Forsyth Street, corner Hines Road, O’Connor, serves as a safe haven for dogs that have been picked up by Community Safety Officers after wandering from home. Impounded dogs are available for collection by appointment only, ensuring a smooth and organized process for reuniting them with their owners. The pound operates under the guidelines set by the City of Fremantle, providing a temporary home for lost or stray dogs until they can be reclaimed.

For those looking to adopt a dog, the City of Fremantle Dog Pound collaborates with various organizations to facilitate adoptions. Interested individuals can explore adoption opportunities at partner facilities such as the Animal Protection Society in Southern River, Sunshine Place in Nambeelup, and other locations across Perth. By working closely with these organizations, the City of Fremantle Dog Pound aims to promote responsible pet ownership and provide loving homes for dogs in need of adoption.

In addition to its role in reuniting lost dogs with their owners and facilitating adoptions, the City of Fremantle Dog Pound also offers impounding services for lost cats. Through its contracted impounding facility under the Cat Act 2011, individuals can report missing cats and inquire about the necessary steps for their safe return. By extending its services to include cats, the City of Fremantle Dog Pound demonstrates its commitment to animal welfare and community safety.