Detailed Information

Chloe’s Labradoodles is a reputable breeder specializing in breeding F2b standard Labradoodles and Cavoodles in a nurturing and loving environment. With a focus on providing families with lifelong companions, each puppy is carefully matched to suit the energy levels and lifestyles of their new owners. The dedicated team at Chloe’s Labradoodles prioritizes responsible breeding practices, ensuring the health and well-being of their puppies by conducting health and DNA tests on all parent dogs through certified veterinarians.

Rosie, a delightful Moyen Poodle with a soft curly wool coat, is one of the beloved mothers at Chloe’s Labradoodles. Known for her sweet nature and boundless energy, Rosie will be welcoming a litter of F2b Cavoodle puppies in the upcoming months. The proud father, Chester, a charming Cavoodle with a caramel-colored soft fleece coat, adds his gentle and affectionate demeanor to the mix, promising a new generation of adorable and loving puppies.

For those seeking a furry addition to their family, Chloe’s Labradoodles offers a personalized experience, ensuring that each puppy finds its perfect match. With a commitment to breeding with love and care, Chloe’s Labradoodles invites prospective owners to join their waitlist and experience the joy of welcoming a new four-legged family member into their homes.