Detailed Information

Chicas Cattery, located at 244 Tamby Court in Southern River, is a premier destination for cat owners seeking a safe and loving environment for their feline companions. Run by Susan, a dedicated professional with over 35 years of experience in breeding Pedigree Siamese and Oriental Cats, Chicas Cattery offers top-notch care and attention for your beloved cats. Susan is not only an Accredited All Breeds Cat Judge but also an animal communicator, providing a deeper level of understanding and connection with the cats in her care.

At Chicas Cattery, your cat will enjoy a purr-fect holiday with a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, all thoughtfully designed to ensure their comfort and safety. The team at Chicas Cattery are true cat lovers, providing a peaceful and secure environment for your pets while you are away. Whether you need cat boarding services or are interested in animal communication for your pet, Susan and her team are dedicated to meeting the needs of both cats and their owners with care and compassion.

With a focus on love, companionship, and healing for animals, Chicas Cattery stands out as a trusted destination for cat owners in need of reliable and professional cat care services. If you’re looking for a place where your cat will be treated like family, look no further than Chicas Cattery. Contact Susan at ssgame@iinet.net.au or call 0409 082 395 to learn more about the services offered and how your cat can benefit from a stay at this exceptional cattery.