Detailed Information

Welcome to Chesley Hill Cockapoos! We are a family breeder located in beautiful New England, specializing in raising and nurturing Cockapoo puppies. Our passion for these adorable companions began in 2013 when we welcomed our first litter of Cockapoo puppies into our home. With a deep-rooted love for animals, we are dedicated to instilling a sense of compassion and care for animals in our children’s hearts.

At Chesley Hill Cockapoos, we believe in providing the best possible start for our puppies by raising them in a loving and attentive environment from the day they are born. Our goal is to match each family with their perfect fur-baby, creating lasting bonds and bringing joy and laughter into their lives. We are honored to have helped numerous families in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Maine, Vermont, and throughout the East Coast find their forever Cockapoo companion.

For a happy and healthy Cockapoo puppy to join your loving family, look no further than Chesley Hill Cockapoos. Contact Destiny Groen, our dedicated breeder, for more information on how you can welcome a furry friend into your home. Thank you for considering Chesley Hill Cockapoos for your next four-legged family member!