Detailed Information

Cherished Pets is a renowned veterinary clinic and social enterprise based in Geelong, established in 2015. As a certified B Corp, the clinic is dedicated to using business as a force for good, providing exceptional veterinary care and social services to the community. Cherished Pets specializes in compassionate home euthanasia services, ensuring pets can peacefully transition in familiar surroundings, surrounded by loved ones if desired, and without pain or stress.

One of the core missions of Cherished Pets is to support pets and their owners through end-of-life phases. The clinic offers home-based guidance and care for pets in their final life stages, whether due to terminal illness or old age. Through quality of life assessments, dedicated pet care plans are created to ensure comfort and pain management during the pet’s final days, weeks, or months. Additionally, Cherished Pets provides home hospice pet care and assists owners in preparing for their pet’s passing.

Cherished Pets goes beyond traditional veterinary services by operating a social veterinary service that supports vulnerable individuals and their pets. By addressing barriers to access essential support services, such as homelessness, mental health crises, or disabilities, the clinic enhances companion animal welfare, promotes responsible pet ownership, and fosters social cohesion. Through partnerships with service providers and human health professionals, Cherished Pets ensures that both humans and animals receive the care and support they need.