Detailed Information

Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery is a well-equipped clinic located in Tanawha, QLD, offering a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment. With a team of dedicated and professional veterinarians, including Dr. Sebastian Olasek, Dr. Annabel Shepherd, Dr. Craig Stanghon, Dr. Julie Kemp, Dr. Samantha Hodgson, and Dr. Madeline Collins, the clinic provides top-notch care for your beloved pets. From vaccinations to desexing, specialist advice, dentistry, and orthopaedic surgery, Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your furry companions.

One of the unique aspects of Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery is its use of Fear Free Methods in providing healthcare for pets. This innovative concept focuses on reducing stress levels in animals during their visit, which can impact their physiological systems. The clinic’s approach includes gentle, force-free handling of animals, the use of calming pheromones, and soothing music to create a positive experience for pets. The compassionate and caring staff at Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery strive to make each visit as stress-free as possible, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pets.

With a focus on advanced care and a friendly, comfortable environment, Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare for pets. Whether your pet needs routine check-ups or specialized treatments, the clinic’s team is committed to delivering exceptional veterinary services. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or the services offered, feel free to contact Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery directly. Your pets are in good hands at Chancellor Park Veterinary Surgery.