Detailed Information

Catshack, located at 165 Heatherton Road in Narre Warren North, is a premier cat accommodation facility offering luxurious and modern living spaces for feline guests. Situated on over an acre of rural land, Catshack provides individual rooms designed to replicate a home environment, ensuring maximum comfort and minimizing stress for each cat. The facility features fully-plastered walls, sealed vinyl floors, and climate control to create a cozy and secure atmosphere.

At Catshack, cats and kittens receive personalized attention in a cat-only environment surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. The facility is equipped with safety measures such as electronic gates, 24/7 video surveillance, and an industrial generator for uninterrupted power supply. With a focus on human interaction and engagement, Catshack ensures that guests are not left alone in cages all day, offering a routine that mirrors the care and attention they would receive at home.

As a registered member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, Catshack goes above and beyond to provide a safe and enriching experience for furry family members. Regular updates and photos are shared with cat owners through social media and email, keeping them connected and informed about their pets’ well-being during their stay at Catshack.