Detailed Information

The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery, located on the Gold Coast, offers luxury boarding exclusively for cats. Owned by John and Michelle, who are registered cat breeders, this cattery provides a second loving home for feline guests. The lush, sub-tropical setting and spacious accommodations ensure that cats receive the same care and attention they enjoy at home. The cattery features single or double rooms, large suites with private patios, and a team of qualified staff dedicated to meeting each cat’s individual needs.

At The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery, cats can relax in a supervised environment, enjoy garden views, and receive personalized care, including catering to special dietary requirements and administering medications. The cattery offers pickup and delivery services, including from Coolangatta airport, to simplify the boarding experience for both cats and their owners. The team at The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery, members of The Gold Coast Cat Club, prioritize the health and well-being of all their feline guests, ensuring a comfortable and happy stay.

As proud members of The Gold Coast Cat Club, The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery specializes in breeding Burmese and Bengal kittens, focusing on health, temperament, and quality. Guests are required to have up-to-date vaccination certificates, and any special needs or preferences can be accommodated during their stay. With a commitment to providing a loving and secure environment for cats, The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery is the ideal choice for cat owners seeking premium boarding services on the Gold Coast.