Detailed Information

Cats United Western Australia, established in 2018, is a prominent Perth Cat Association managed by a dedicated committee of volunteers committed to promoting responsible ownership and welfare of both pedigree and domestic cats. The association prides itself on organizing engaging and fun cat shows, encouraging responsible breeding practices, and fostering a community of feline enthusiasts. With a focus on improving the standard of pedigree cats, Cats United WA welcomes new members, including cat breeders and pet owners, to participate in their events and activities.

Run by a team of volunteers who oversee registration, pedigree data, and day-to-day operations, Cats United WA collaborates with various affiliated cat clubs, qualified Judges, and Stewards to offer a comprehensive platform for cat enthusiasts. Members of the association enjoy exclusive benefits such as exhibiting cats at shows, accessing valuable information through a members-only Facebook group, and the opportunity to become trained and appointed as Cats How Stewards or Cat Show Judges. Additionally, existing breeders can easily transfer to Cats United WA, benefiting from streamlined processes and full pedigree support for litter registrations.

As an active advocate for ethical cat ownership, Cats United WA is the fastest-growing Cat Club in Western Australia, boasting a membership base of top breeders and exhibitors. Supported by valued sponsors, the association continues to make positive contributions to the Western Australian community and promote responsible cat ownership. For those interested in sponsoring Cats United WA or participating in upcoming cat shows, detailed information and contact details are available for each event, providing a platform for feline enthusiasts to engage and connect.