Detailed Information

Cat’s Meow Cattery at Samford is a luxurious 5-star cat boarding kennel located in the serene foothills of the D’Aguilar Range in Samford Valley, Brisbane. Nestled in a picturesque bushland setting, Cat’s Meow offers a home away from home for your beloved feline companions. The cattery is renowned for its exceptional care and attention to detail, ensuring that each cat’s individual needs and preferences are catered to. With suites designed to resemble homes rather than cages, complete with picture windows, outdoor garden access, and privacy for shy cats, Cat’s Meow provides a comfortable and safe environment for all purrsonalities.

Owned and managed by Sharon Tooth, a qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years of experience in cat care, Cat’s Meow is a pet resort dedicated to providing top-notch accommodation for cats of all ages and temperaments. Sharon’s passion for feline welfare is evident in the personalized care and 24/7 onsite medical skills available to ensure the well-being of every guest. The cattery offers a range of luxury amenities, including climate-controlled indoor suites, interactive toys, and a variety of diet choices to suit even the pickiest eaters. Whether your cat is a social butterfly or a more reserved individual, Cat’s Meow caters to their unique needs, making their stay a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Client testimonials rave about the exceptional service and care provided by Sharon and her dedicated team at Cat’s Meow. From regular updates and photos to special treats and playtime, every effort is made to ensure that each cat feels loved and pampered during their stay. Whether you have a senior cat requiring special attention or a playful kitten in need of extra playtime, Cat’s Meow goes above and beyond to create a stress-free and enjoyable environment for all guests. Trust Cat’s Meow Cattery at Samford to provide your feline friend with a premium boarding experience that will leave them purring with contentment.