Detailed Information

Catopia Boarding Cattery is a premier feline boarding facility that offers a welcoming retreat for cats and peace of mind for their families. With a focus on safety and security, Catopia ensures that cats are well taken care of and cannot wander off or get into any trouble. The facility follows the highest standards set by the PIAA, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for every beloved family cat.

Designed to meet the specific needs of cats, Catopia’s purpose-built facility aims to reduce stress, minimize disease exposure, and promote good health. The cattery features fully air-conditioned rooms built on passive solar principles, ensuring comfort for cats throughout the year. Each of the 22 family-sized rooms can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same household, with private courtyards attached for their enjoyment. Larger families can also be accommodated by opening doors between adjoining rooms.

Operating on weekdays and Saturdays, Catopia Boarding Cattery provides human company for cats for much of the day, offering a safe and secure environment for them to thrive. With a commitment to excellence in both facility and processes, Catopia is a trusted choice for cat owners seeking a reliable and caring boarding solution for their furry companions.