Detailed Information

CatNap Cat Boarding, located at McKenzie Creek just a short drive South of Horsham, Victoria, is your go-to destination for all your short and long-term cat boarding needs. With a strong commitment to cat welfare, CatNap ensures that your feline companions are well taken care of while you’re away, whether it’s for an overseas trip or a weekend break. The business also supports “CatNap Kitten Rescue,” a noble cause that takes in unwanted or unplanned kittens, provides necessary care such as desexing and vaccinations, and finds them loving homes.

Originally established as a foster care space for cats and kittens awaiting adoption, CatNap Cat Boarding has grown into a popular boarding facility that promotes responsible cat ownership. The business offers a safe and comfortable environment for cats, with access to outdoor enclosures for daily exercise and socialization with other cats if desired. With features like “Feliway” infusers, resident cat Sylvie, and round-the-clock security cameras, CatNap ensures that your furry friends receive the love and attention they deserve.

Owned and operated by Penny Stemp, CatNap Cat Boarding prides itself on treating every cat as if they were her own. The business’s dedication to providing a caring and enriching experience for all boarded cats has made it a trusted choice for cat owners in the McKenzie Creek area. Whether your cat enjoys outdoor adventures or prefers indoor relaxation, CatNap Cat Boarding offers a personalized and attentive boarding service that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of your beloved pets.