Detailed Information

Cataristocrat is a reputable cattery specializing in breeding top-quality Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats. Our passion lies in producing beautiful and affectionate felines with captivating personalities. We focus on modern type Oriental Shorthairs known for their gorgeous coat patterns, while also taking pleasure in raising elegant and playful Siamese kittens. As a registered cattery with the International Cat Association (TICA), we adhere to the highest standards of health, temperament, and conformation in all our cats.

  • 31-week-old Oriental Shorthair Female
  • 28-week-old Oriental Shorthair Female
  • 29-week-old Oriental Shorthair Female
  • 28-week-old Oriental Shorthair Male
  • 29-week-old Siamese Female
  • 38-week-old Oriental Shorthair Male
  • 38-week-old Oriental Shorthair Female

Our cattery not only offers Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats for sale but also provides detailed information about our breeding program and the cats in our care. We strive to help potential owners make informed decisions when adding one of our furry friends to their families. With glowing testimonials from satisfied customers praising our dedication, transparency, and the exceptional socialization of our kittens, Cataristocrat is a trusted choice for those seeking a beautiful and well-cared-for feline companion.