Detailed Information

The Cat Owner’s Association of Western Australia (COAWA) is an established and reputable organization that has been serving the cat community since its inception in July 1992. As an incorporated cat registering and advisory body affiliated with The Australian Cat Federation Inc., COAWA plays a vital role in promoting responsible cat ownership and breeding practices in Western Australia.

COAWA offers a range of services related to the registration of pedigree cats, providing cat owners and breeders with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and enthusiasts. In addition to registering pedigree cats, COAWA also welcomes owners of non-pedigree or desexed pet cats into its Companion Cat Register, fostering a sense of community among cat lovers of all kinds.

With six affiliated cat clubs and a dedicated panel of experienced judges, COAWA organizes regular cat shows that showcase a diverse range of cat breeds, including kittens, adult cats, and companion cats. Through its commitment to promoting responsible ownership and breeding practices, COAWA continues to be a valuable resource for cat enthusiasts in Western Australia.