Detailed Information

Cat Haven is WA’s largest shelter for homeless, lost, and abused cats, located at 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, 6008, WA. Our mission is to ensure that every cat in Western Australia is well-cared for, and we have been dedicated to this cause since our establishment in 1961. With a zero euthanasia rate for treatable and re-homable cats, we take in 7,000-9,000 cats and kittens annually, providing them with a safe haven and working tirelessly to find them loving forever homes.

At Cat Haven, we offer a range of services to support both cats and the community. Our adoption process ensures that each cat finds the perfect match for their forever home, while our boarding services provide temporary care for cats in need. We also have a foster department that helps care for cats in a home environment until they are ready for adoption. Additionally, our outreach programs provide free cat food to financially disadvantaged individuals, and we offer education and training to promote responsible cat ownership and reduce the number of stray and unwanted cats in the community.

Our dedicated team at Cat Haven includes staff, volunteers, and board members who are passionate about animal welfare. With a focus on improving the lives of cats and people in the community, we work closely with organizations like the RSPCA and local rescue groups to ensure that every cat receives the care and support they deserve. Through our various programs and initiatives, we strive to create a better future for cats in Western Australia and beyond.