Detailed Information

Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery, formerly known as Berkana Boarding Cattery, has been a trusted establishment in Adelaide since 1990. Under new ownership since August 2014, the cattery continues to provide exceptional care and service to feline companions. Located in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, the cattery boasts a residential setting with owners residing on-site, ensuring round-the-clock care and attention for all boarded cats.

With a rich history of quality care and individualized attention, Cat-A-Tonic offers a range of amenities to keep cats comfortable and entertained during their stay. From air-conditioned and heated individual pens to a large communal outdoor play area, complete with toys, scratching poles, and climbing structures, every detail is designed to cater to the well-being of the feline guests. The cattery also features secure tunnels, segregated areas, private balconies, a TV room, and a morning tea area for cats to socialize and relax.

Conveniently situated between the City and Glenelg in the western suburbs of Adelaide, Cat-A-Tonic is easily accessible via public transport and is in close proximity to multiple veterinary practices and emergency animal hospitals. The cattery owners’ commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment is further enhanced by an on-site camera system for added security. Whether for a holiday, house move, or any other reason, Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery provides a home away from home for beloved feline companions.