Detailed Information

Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery, formerly known as Berkana Boarding Cattery, has been a trusted establishment in Adelaide since 1990. Under new ownership since August 2014, the cattery continues to provide exceptional care for cats in a secure and stimulating environment. Located in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, the cattery boasts individual pens, a communal outside play area, and various amenities to keep cats entertained and comfortable.

With a focus on quality service and personalized care, Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery offers secure tunnels, segregated areas, and private balconies for each feline guest. The owners reside on-site, ensuring round-the-clock supervision and security. Additionally, the cattery is conveniently situated between the City and Glenelg, close to public transport and multiple veterinary practices, including an Emergency Animal Hospital for any medical needs.

Whether you’re moving house, renovating, or going on a holiday, Cat-A-Tonic provides a safe and welcoming temporary home for your beloved cats. The cattery’s commitment to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment, along with its experienced staff, makes it a top choice for cat owners seeking reliable boarding services in Adelaide.