Detailed Information

Casino Veterinary Clinic, located at 88 North St, Casino NSW 2470, is a well-established veterinary practice serving the Casino area since 1987. Under the ownership of Dr. Phil Sharman, the clinic offers comprehensive veterinary services for both small companion animals like dogs and cats, as well as large animals including cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs. With a team of two vets, four veterinary nurses, and a dedicated receptionist, Casino Veterinary Clinic ensures top-notch care for all animals in the community.

The modern facilities at Casino Veterinary Clinic include state-of-the-art equipment such as in-house blood analysis machines, digital radiography, ultrasonography, and an operating theatre fully equipped for various surgical procedures. Services provided range from routine vaccinations and microchipping to surgical procedures, grooming, dental care for horses, pregnancy testing for livestock, and even puppy preschool classes. The clinic also offers 24-hour emergency services for practice clients, ensuring that pets and animals receive prompt care when needed.

Originally owned by Dr. Ross Sillar, Casino Veterinary Clinic was relocated to its current address in 2000, boasting a purpose-built hospital designed to cater to the diverse needs of both small and large animals. With a focus on delivering high-quality veterinary care, Casino Veterinary Clinic remains a trusted destination for pet owners and farmers alike in Casino and the surrounding areas.