Detailed Information

Cascott Dogs, located in Longford, Tasmania, is a reputable breeding business specializing in quality Labradors for various purposes, including work and companionship. With a focus on utilizing top-notch genetics, particularly from UK ‘working lines,’ Cascott Dogs produces Labradors that excel in bonding with their owners, are easy to live with, and exhibit exceptional learning abilities. The breeding program at Cascott Dogs prioritizes the health and well-being of the dogs, ensuring that only those passing rigorous health tests are used for breeding.

These Labradors from Cascott Dogs are known for their athleticism and versatility, making them suitable for a range of roles, from family pets to assistance dogs for individuals with diverse needs. Some of the dogs bred by Cascott Dogs have found success in Retrieving Trials, while others have excelled as companions in rough shooting activities. The dedication to selective breeding at Cascott Dogs has introduced some of the finest ‘working line’ genetics from Australia, New Zealand, and Europe to Tasmania, resulting in dogs that are not only competitive but also highly skilled in their respective fields.

For those who appreciate the value of a well-bred and well-trained Labrador Retriever, Cascott Dogs offers a reliable source of quality Labradors that bring joy and fulfillment to both owners and handlers. Whether you are looking for a loyal family pet, a capable assistance dog, or a competitive sporting companion, Cascott Dogs’ commitment to breeding excellence ensures that you will find a Labrador that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.