Detailed Information

Carlingford Animal Hospital is a premier veterinary facility located in Sydney, Australia, specializing in providing top-notch care for pet and aviary birds. Led by Dr. Marshall, a highly experienced veterinarian with over 30 years of expertise in treating dogs, cats, and birds, the hospital prides itself on offering personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each bird species. Dr. Marshall is renowned globally for his specialization in avian care and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge through publications and online resources.

The hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities have recently undergone renovations to create a modern and advanced environment for treating birds, dogs, and cats. With a team of skilled nurses, including Beck, Tailai, and Casey, Carlingford Animal Hospital ensures that every pet receives the highest quality veterinary care available. The hospital’s commitment to excellence extends beyond medical treatment, as they strive to make each visit educational and engaging for the entire family, offering interactive displays and educational resources for clients to learn more about their pets.

Carlingford Animal Hospital advocates for proactive pet care through their annual Health Screen program, designed to detect common diseases early and prolong the healthy life of pets. The hospital’s dedication to providing comprehensive care is further demonstrated by their in-house pathology and digital x-ray systems, enabling quick and accurate diagnoses for avian and other pet health issues. With a focus on holistic pet stewardship and a passion for avian health, Carlingford Animal Hospital stands out as a trusted destination for pet owners seeking exceptional veterinary services.