Detailed Information

Carlberry Boxers is a reputable and dedicated business specializing in the breeding and showing of Boxer dogs. With a passion for these beloved animals stemming from childhood experiences, the founders established the business in 1998 with the goal of sharing the love and joy that Boxers bring to families. Over the years, Carlberry Boxers has achieved significant success in the field, having bred multiple Champions and notable winners in specialty shows.

At Carlberry Boxers, a strong emphasis is placed on the health and well-being of their dogs. Before being included in the breeding program, all Boxers undergo thorough health testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and care. Committed to upholding ethical breeding practices, the business strictly adheres to the Dogs West Members Code of Ethics, advocating against backyard breeders and promoting responsible ownership of purebred dogs.

With a focus on producing top-quality Boxers that excel in both appearance and temperament, Carlberry Boxers stands out as a trusted source for individuals seeking a loving and well-bred companion. Their dedication to the breed, combined with a commitment to ethical standards, sets them apart as a reputable and respected establishment in the world of Boxer breeding.