Detailed Information

CaringVet.com.au is a compassionate and dedicated mobile service based in Sydney, offering end-of-life care and in-home pet euthanasia for beloved pets and their caring owners. Dr. Dave Horan, the founder, is a highly experienced veterinarian with a BVSc degree from Sydney University and a deep love for animals. With a focus on providing comfort and dignity in a pet’s final chapter, CaringVet.com.au aims to alleviate pain and discomfort for elderly or terminally ill pets in the privacy of their own homes.

Dr. Dave’s personal experiences with his own pets, such as Kelly the crossbred Kelpie Lab, have inspired him to create a service that eases the anxieties and struggles of both pets and their owners during the end-of-life transition. As a member of prestigious veterinary associations like the Australian Veterinary Association and the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, Dr. Dave brings a wealth of expertise and understanding to CaringVet.com.au. The business is committed to offering gentle, compassionate care and guidance to pet owners facing difficult decisions.

Whether it’s providing hospice care services to manage age-related issues or offering in-home euthanasia for pets in their final moments, CaringVet.com.au strives to make the process as peaceful and comfortable as possible. With a full range of mobile in-home veterinary care services available, pet owners can trust CaringVet.com.au to support them through the emotional journey of saying goodbye to their beloved companions.