Detailed Information

Captain K9 Gaz Jackson is a world-renowned dog trainer with a remarkable track record of training over 20,000 dogs across a 30-year career. Born in Brisbane, Australia, Gaz’s passion for dogs began in his childhood as he assisted in his father’s security company, which specialized in guard and patrol dogs. Gaz’s journey into professional dog training started at the age of fifteen when he became involved in a dog training center startup, working closely with a Dutch dog trainer. Over the years, Gaz honed his skills by studying under some of the world’s top dog trainers and gaining hands-on experience in obedience, tracking, and protection training.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Gaz Jackson has become a leading authority in the field of dog training. His business offers a range of services aimed at addressing common behavioral issues in dogs, such as dependency, separation anxiety, leash pulling, and jumping on people. Gaz’s approach is rooted in proven techniques that have been refined through years of practical application and continuous learning. Through his best-selling book on selecting and raising the ultimate dog, Gaz shares valuable insights and strategies to help dog owners navigate the complexities of dog training and ownership.

In addition to his training services, Gaz Jackson has made significant contributions to the field of dog training, achieving several world-first milestones in training specialized detection dogs for various purposes. From megafauna fossil detection to cancer detection, Gaz’s innovative approach to dog training has garnered international recognition. As an author, speaker, and trainer, Gaz continues to inspire and educate dog owners, handlers, and trainers worldwide, setting new standards of excellence in the realm of canine behavior and training.