Detailed Information

Capital Veterinary Hospital is a leading veterinary clinic dedicated to providing exceptional care for cats in need of specialized medical attention. With a focus on recognizing and managing acute pain in cats, our team of experienced veterinarians ensures that every feline patient receives the highest level of comfort and relief during their treatment.

Our expertise extends to managing cats with feeding tubes, including oesophagostomy tubes. We offer comprehensive guidance and support to cat owners on how to care for their feline companions with feeding tubes, ensuring proper nutrition and well-being for these special cases. Our informative video guide on caring for a cat with an oesophagostomy tube serves as a valuable resource for cat owners facing this unique challenge.

At Capital Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in addressing complex issues such as managing cats that won’t eat and providing transfusions of blood and blood products when necessary. Our commitment to the health and welfare of cats drives us to deliver top-notch veterinary care, ensuring that every cat that walks through our doors receives the best possible treatment and attention.