Detailed Information

Capalaba Cat Cottage is a multi-award-winning cat boarding facility located in Capalaba, one of the bayside suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. Established in 1999, the cattery was adopted by owners and operators Mike Auld (Mike) and Lynda Du Vallier in 2017. With over 50 years of combined experience in treating and breeding cats and kittens, Mike and Lynda have transformed the cattery into a ‘Palace for little Kings and Queens’ for furry feline friends.

Specializing in breeding Russian Blue, Black and White, Scottish Shorthair, and Longhair cats, Capalaba Cat Cottage offers a range of accommodation options including single, long term, and family units. The cattery provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere for cats to enjoy their holiday, with individualized outdoor areas for each unit to ensure privacy and security. The facility has been recognized for its exceptional service, winning the Micro Business of the Year and Business of the Year awards at the Redlands Coast 2020 Business and Retail Awards.

Aside from cat boarding services, Capalaba Cat Cottage offers additional amenities such as cat photography sessions by award-winning photographer Lynda Du Vallier, grooming services, pet passport assistance, and professional speakers on various animal-related topics. With a focus on creating a fun and memorable experience for both cats and their owners, the cattery aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all furry guests, ensuring they receive the royal treatment they deserve.