Detailed Information

Canines by Katja is a renowned dog training business dedicated to helping owners build strong bonds and improve the skills of their beloved canine companions. With over 12 months of experience working with various breeds, including South African Mastiffs, Katja provides personalized training sessions that focus on both the owner and the dog. Clients have praised Katja for her unwavering dedication and commitment during each session, going above and beyond to ensure significant progress and growth in the dogs’ abilities.

Katja’s approach to dog training is characterized by her ability to think outside the box and tailor her methods to suit the unique needs of each dog and owner. Clients have reported remarkable improvements in their dogs’ behavior and skills, leading them to continue training beyond the initial packages purchased. Katja’s expertise and guidance have not only enhanced the dogs’ abilities but also empowered owners to develop a deeper understanding and connection with their pets.

Whether you have a young puppy like Willow or seasoned companions like Aza and Nyota, Canines by Katja is highly recommended by satisfied clients who have witnessed the positive impact of Katja’s training firsthand. With a reputation for being a dog wizard and a genuine passion for the well-being of every dog she encounters, Katja’s services are a valuable resource for anyone seeking an experienced and caring dog trainer.