Detailed Information

Canine Snake Avoidance is a reputable business specializing in training dogs to effectively avoid encounters with snakes. With the potential danger that snake bites pose to dogs, the training provided by Canine Snake Avoidance is crucial in preventing such incidents. Led by Mark Pelley, a skilled dog trainer with expertise in both operant and classical conditioning techniques, the program ensures that dogs develop a cognitive understanding to stay away from snakes, regardless of the circumstances.

Originating in Australia and now available in Victoria, Canine Snake Avoidance addresses the pressing need for snake avoidance training in a country known for its high population of venomous snakes. The training program is designed to equip dogs with the necessary skills to recognize and steer clear of snakes, minimizing the risk of potentially fatal snake bites. By enrolling your dog in Canine Snake Avoidance, you are taking a proactive step in safeguarding your beloved pet from the dangers posed by venomous snakes.

At Canine Snake Avoidance, the focus is on personalized training tailored to each dog’s specific needs and personality. The training sessions, conducted over two days, cover both visual and olfactory snake avoidance techniques, ensuring comprehensive skill development. As a fully insured and registered professional dog training company, Canine Snake Avoidance prioritizes the safety and well-being of all participating dogs, offering peace of mind to dog owners seeking effective snake avoidance solutions.