Detailed Information

Canine Rehabilitation Canberra is a leading provider of specialized rehabilitation services for dogs in the Canberra area. Our focus is on restoring mobility and fitness to our canine companions, ensuring they remain active, fit, and pain-free for as long as possible. Our comprehensive approach includes lifestyle changes, physical modalities like laser therapy and PEMF, manual therapies such as chiropractic care and trigger point therapy, therapeutic exercises, and medications. We believe in the art and science of finding the right blend of treatments, which we regularly reassess and modify to meet each dog’s unique needs.

Chiropractic care at Canine Rehabilitation Canberra aims to promote the body’s natural healing ability by ensuring normal nervous system function without impediments. Our experienced team conducts thorough chiropractic exams to identify areas of reduced mobility in the spine and limbs, restoring normal motion through precise adjustments. This approach is particularly effective for addressing nerve and musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, muscle spasms, and nerve dysfunction, helping dogs regain comfort and mobility.

Additionally, our clinic offers advanced therapies such as laser therapy and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWT) to further enhance healing and reduce pain in dogs. Laser therapy stimulates cellular healing processes, while EWT delivers high-energy acoustic waves to targeted tissues, promoting faster recovery and improved quality of life. At Canine Rehabilitation Canberra, we are dedicated to providing a holistic and multi-modal approach to address mobility issues in dogs, working closely with pet owners to optimize their furry companions’ well-being and longevity.