Detailed Information

Welcome to Canine Instincts, a reputable dog behavior and training business located in south-east Melbourne, Australia. Led by the passionate and knowledgeable Michelle, Canine Instincts is dedicated to empowering dog owners with the necessary tools and insights to help their furry companions reach their full potential.

Specializing in in-home consultations, Canine Instincts focuses on fostering strong and respectful relationships between dogs and their owners. Through their services, they aim to prevent and address unwanted behaviors, promote positive habits, reduce stress, and enhance the mental well-being of both dogs and their human counterparts. By adhering to these principles, Canine Instincts ensures that owners and their dogs can enjoy a fulfilling and harmonious life together.

Michelle, the driving force behind Canine Instincts, holds a National Dog Training Federation Certificate III in Dog Behavior and Training, demonstrating her expertise in the field. With a strong foundation in science and a Ph.D. to her name, Michelle combines her academic knowledge with practical experience to deliver effective and compassionate solutions for dogs in need. Additionally, Canine Instincts is committed to giving back to the community by volunteering time and skills to support dogs in search of forever homes, emphasizing the importance of early intervention for long-term positive outcomes.