Detailed Information

Campaspe Working Dogs is dedicated to breeding exceptional all-round natural working sheepdogs with a focus on superior natural ability and intelligence. The business aims to produce dogs that require minimal training, develop into top-quality workers at a young age, and exhibit reliability, purpose, and initiative in their work. The breeding philosophy at Campaspe Working Dogs emphasizes producing dogs with the innate instincts and skills needed for tasks such as casting, holding, driving, and mustering, without the need for extensive training.

The Campaspe line of working dogs is known for its practicality and versatility, suitable for working with both sheep and cattle in various environments such as paddocks and yards. The breeding program at Campaspe Working Dogs is committed to continually improving the bloodline to approach the ideal working dog with each generation. The dogs are bred for their natural abilities in handling stock, including casting, holding, and driving, while maintaining a calm, bold temperament and demonstrating exceptional cover and holding ability.

With a strong foundation in the bloodline of exceptional working dogs like Yulong Russ and Moorlands Tomie, Campaspe Working Dogs aims to preserve and enhance the rare qualities of these natural workers. The business focuses on breeding dogs with the ability to muster scattered stock in challenging terrains, emphasizing traits such as balance, cover, and a searching cast. Campaspe Working Dogs stands out for its commitment to producing genuine working dogs that embody the traditional skills and instincts of the original strains of collies and kelpies, offering a unique and valuable resource for those seeking top-quality working dogs.