Detailed Information

At Calm-K9, we are dedicated to helping you build a strong and trusting relationship with your canine companion. Our belief in the transformative power of trust and respect forms the foundation of our philosophy. We go beyond basic obedience training to unlock your dog’s true potential, creating a harmonious and balanced partnership that brings joy and fulfillment to both you and your furry friend.

Our holistic approach to effective dog training addresses common behavior problems such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, jumping on people, chewing, fear, and lack of obedience. With a comprehensive toolbox of techniques, we tailor our Super Puppy & Dog In Home Training Packages to meet your specific needs. From laying the foundation for a well-behaved dog to advanced commands and off-leash training, we provide fast, real, and lasting results that offer the best value for your time and money.

More than just dog trainers, we are dog owners who understand the challenges and rewards of having a canine companion. Our team at Calm-K9 is committed to helping you and your dog thrive, offering support and expertise to improve your lives. By choosing our services, you are not only investing in your dog’s training but also supporting Autism Awareness Australia and their efforts to enhance the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.