Detailed Information

Calahorra is a renowned business that has been actively involved in breeding Afghan Hounds since 1963 and Whippets since 1977. With a rich history spanning several decades, Calahorra has achieved significant milestones in the breeding world. They take pride in having bred over 246 conformation champion Afghan Hounds globally and at least 90 champion Whippets. Additionally, they have excelled in Obedience, Agility, and Coursing Championships, showcasing their dedication to producing top-quality purebred dogs.

  • Specialization: Afghan Hounds, Whippets, Salukis, Chinese Cresteds, Greyhounds, Deerhounds, and Lakelands.
  • Accomplishments: Over 246 Championship titles for Afghan Hounds, 90 titles for Whippets, and four titles for Salukis. Exported to 25 countries and imported from England, America, and Denmark.
  • Pioneering Work: Calahorra was the first breeder globally to obtain puppies from imported frozen semen in 1976. They have continued to innovate in this field, successfully using semen stored for up to nineteen years, contributing to the genetic diversity and health of their breeds.

Aside from breeding, Calahorra’s founder has a distinguished career in canine administration and judging. With extensive experience as an All Breeds judge since 1971, they have officiated at prestigious events worldwide, including in America, England, Finland, and Australia. Their involvement in canine administration includes serving on committees and contributing to the development of the Royal NSW Canine Council. Calahorra’s commitment to responsible dog ownership and promoting the welfare of companion animals is evident through their active participation in various initiatives and organizations within the canine community.