Detailed Information

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Ltd is a leading wildlife veterinary care facility dedicated to securing the future for Australian wildlife through expert veterinary care, recovery, education, and community engagement. Our team of veterinarians are renowned experts in wildlife veterinary practice, committed to providing top-notch treatment, rehabilitation, research, and education to ensure positive welfare outcomes for Australian wildlife.

At Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Ltd, we prioritize ethics and animal welfare in everything we do. Our mission is to conserve and protect Australian wildlife by offering a range of services including initial consultations, anesthesia, X-rays, pain relief, fluid therapy, and hospitalization. Through beautiful wildlife images, heart-warming stories, and practical tips, we aim to engage and educate the community on the importance of wildlife conservation and the best practices in Australian wildlife care.

We proudly acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Bundjalung Nation on whose land we operate and strive to maintain a respectful and sustainable connection with the land, waters, and culture. With a focus on rehabilitation, research, and education, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Ltd is dedicated to making a positive impact on Australian wildlife and fostering a deeper understanding of wildlife conservation among all members of the community.